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ubbs Nicotine Pouch - Berry 14mg

ubbs Nicotine Pouch - Berry 14mg
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ubbs Nicotine Pouch - Berry 14mg
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ÜBBS Nicotine Pouches is a pioneering company dedicated to designing innovative nicotine alternatives for adult smokers and vapers in the UK. ÜBBS has quickly emerged as an industry leader within the nicotine pouch industry, offering not only a tobacco-free nicotine experience but also a luxuriant, flavour-packed journey.

These nicotine pouches are the pinnacle of simplicity. You only need to place them under your lip to deliver that rush of flavours you crave. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed through the gum and is intended to last 30-40 minutes or even longer.

ÜBBS Nicotine Pouches offer a versatile selection with three distinct strengths: 6mg, 11mg, and 14mg. These pouches come in six delightful flavours, presenting a diverse and convenient alternative to traditional tobacco smoking or vaping.

Key Features

ÜBBS Nicotine Pouches are expertly crafted with global pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing, sourcing solely natural ingredients and undergo stringent quality control to ensure your amazing nicotine adventure. 

Triple Lab Tested

Clean, Natural Ingredients Used

Smooth Flavour Delivery and Consistent Nicotine Experience

Pharmaceutical-Grade Manufacturing Process.


The ÜBBS Nicotine Pouches are enjoyed through three simple steps as follows;

 Tuck between the upper lip and gum for the nicotine to be absorbed, taking care not to chew, suck or swallow the pouch

Enjoy the flavour delivery for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your preferred tastes

Simply discard after use either through the top compartment within the ÜBBS nicotine pouch box or with any regular household waste bin.

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