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About us, Our Products & Goal

Queen Of Vapes ecig shop is staffed by ecig users who are always available to offer help and advice by email or by calling our store. Priding ourselves in our products and customer service, we hand pick exclusive premium products that feature the newest technology available to vaping world. QoV business model has 3 key factors QQW these being Quality- Our Products are always checked, Quantity- We bulk buy and sell, Warranty- Our Hardware comes with manufactures warranties.  Working to this model allows us access to the newest products on the market, thus makes it possible to bring them to the UK before others. Our ethos is that you should not have to pay a premium price, for authentic premium products.

We stock a wide selection of Vaping products from basic ecig kits to more advanced products such as Tanks, drippers and mods that all carry affordable prices that will not break the bank. All our ecig product range have undergone a two point check, Once by us and the second to an approved standard agency requirement. We vet our suppliers thoroughly and hold all the relevant documentation which is available upon request to offer peace of mind. Only very few of our products are brought in as 1:1 clones which are marked with (c) anything that does not carry it is 100% Authentic as where ever possible we only buy direct from the manufacturer.

The ecig market is saturated with quick buck business heads and poor quality products and it is with this that we would like to say thank you for choosing to visit QoV today. I acknowledge that without your custom and support, We would not be able to bulk buy and negotiate great prices with our suppliers.  It is with this in mind we pass on our savings to you the customer who continues to help keep our prices low.

Once again, thank you for your support and I hope that you will enjoy our products as we do,


The QoV Team

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