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Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit

Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit
Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit
Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit
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Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit
Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit
Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit
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Instafill 3500 Puff Gummy Bear Disposable Vape Kit
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Instafill 3500 vape kit is a unique and environmentally friendly option for vaping. It's a rechargeable and refillable disposable vape device that comes with a 10ml bottle of e-liquid in 14 different flavours. To use it, simply connect the e-liquid bottle to the device, insert the battery pack, and you're good to go. With each Instafill vape, you can enjoy up to 3500 puffs, and it's compact enough to carry with you wherever you go.


Key features of the Instafill 3500 vape kit:

Rechargeable and refillable disposable vape

Comes with a 10ml e-liquid bottle containing 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid

Has a 500mAh battery that can last for a full day

Delivers up to 3500 puffs, equivalent to over 100 cigarettes

Features a built-in 2ml refillable pod

Supports fast charging with the included USB-C cable

Using the Instafill 3500 is easy. Once you've loaded the e-liquid bottle, tilt the device and press the button at the top. A smart vacuum pump will draw the e-liquid into the 2ml pod. You can repeat this process whenever you need to refill. The device is activated when you inhale, producing a small amount of vapor with each puff. It's designed to give you a similar experience to smoking a cigarette.


One of the great things about the Instafill 3500 is that there's no maintenance required. Just recharge the battery and press the refill button when you need to top up your pod. The built-in 500mAh battery can be fully recharged in less than an hour using the USB-C cable provided. When the e-liquid bottle is empty, it's time to replace the entire kit with a new one. The kit is easy to recycle as you can safely separate the battery and bottle from the rest of the device for disposal.


Flavour: Gummy Bear
Puffs: Up to 3500 puffs

Re-chargeable: Yes

Package Contents:

1 x Instafill outer body

1 x 500mah battery pack

1 x 10ml bottle eliquid 

Instafill 3500 flavour List:

Banana Ice Cream: A rich and indulgent vape complete with cool, fruity notes.

Blackcurrant Apple: A classic fruit pairing that’s sweet and juicy throughout.

Blueberry Fusion: The light taste of summer berries and a lingering sweet aftertaste.

Fizzy Cherry: Dark notes of red cherry combined with a tangy, fizzy soda.

Fresh Mint Mojito: The sweet, cool taste of mint and menthol blended with zingy lime.

Gummy Bear: A confectionary classic that blends fruit and candy notes.

Lemon Lime: A classic combo of tangy citrus fruits tied together with a juicy aftertaste.

Mix Berry Fusion: A blend of sweet and tangy berries with subtle ice notes.

Pineapple Ice: Delivers the tangy tropical taste of pineapple and a crisp ice finish.

Polar Mint: A double dose of cool notes courtesy of a blend of mint and menthol.

Raspberry Lemonade: Captures the taste of summer with a balanced blend of fruit and soda.

Sour Blue Raspberry Ice: Sweet and sour fruit notes combined with crisp, cool ice.

Strawberry Ice: A light fruit blend with a frosty finish, and plenty of juicy notes along the way.

Watermelon Candy Ice: tropical fruit notes collide with sugary candy and chilly ice.

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