HCigar Vt200 DNA200 TC

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HCigar presents us with a 200-watt box mod featuring the Evlov DNA200. Comforth the HCigar VT200 DNA200 TC Box Mod, this mod features a LiPo powered 1300 mAh fixed battery cell. Paired with the DNA200 chip by Evolv, this mod was try before you buy senario.


HCigar VT200 DNA200 TC Box Mod is definatly built to last; great for a day-to-day grafters life, regardless of what your profession. Designed graciosly with gold plated 510 threading and knurled buttons, the HCigar VT200 DNA200 TC Box Mod is simply stunning in appearance. 


This mod is really comfortable. Measuring roughly four inches tall by two inches wide, and about an inch thick, the box fits comfortably in the user’s hand. A three button design, with a 1.5 inch by 0.5 inch LCD display, it’s easy to operate physically. The micro USB port is located on the face just below the up / down buttons. Finally the casing is well ventilated to make sure the LiPo pack has plenty of air circulation when charging or in use.


Performance side, the DNA200 chip allows for some incredible options on the users part. By using the Escribe software, the user can create custom menus including graphics. The chip allows for eight profiles to be set up covering battery output, charge conditions, VW / TC use and timeouts. Users can monitor battery performance, voltage drops between the mod and atomizer…well pretty much everything that happens or can happen with the mod. 


This mod a solid buy for the money. The tech driving it is great, the battery pack delivers a full days use while maximizing the cells performance through the DNA chip balancing the load. Performance is solid in both VW and TC modes with an impressive voltage loss rate. The general thoughts from our team are that although it does carry a hefty price tag, its well worth the money for many of the above factors. This is a mod that we have decided to invest in and are pround to be able to bring it to the UK market

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